The 420Football League Is Here!

Join the world’s first smoking sport! It’s time to see who is the best in the world! Now that recreational smoking is legal, It’s time for 420Football! Get your team together! No rookies! First time smokers take a seat and watch the professionals. We are looking for career tokers that are up to the challenge! Get your lungs ready!

Do you have what it takes the be the best? Can you hold in a hit? Can you eyeball an eighth? If you have these skills, Then you can be a franchise player in the league! We are looking for professional “Tokers” to promote and showcase! Get your team together and get ready to play 420Football! 420Football is easy to play. Take a hit and hold it in. Every second that the smoke is held in is a yard. Each player gets 4 turns. For the extra point, one player must eyeball a gram of cannabis. Start practicing now. Get your team together to play in tournaments and online. Get a team of 4 and sign up now.

The league was put together to bring the community together! We believe this sport is great for community events! Joining the league is simple easy and free! Join the league and start playing! Join the league and get the info on all the tournaments, giveaways and more from the league.


Become part of the league by filling out the form below. We look foward to playing 420Football with you this season.