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What is 420 Football:

The world’s first smoking sport created to bring the community together and find showcase the best tokers, growers, and collectives. The sport was created to bring the community together in a fun safe way! The rules are simple and the game is fun! Take a hit and hold it. For every second that you hold in the hit, you move one yard down the field. The League was formed to find out once and for all who the best”Tokers” in the world are!

420Football has been player for a little over 10 years at private events and homes. Its played In places such as California, Colorado, Australia, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada to name a few. 420Football is a way for friends and people to get together and have a fun safe game to play!¬† It doesn’t involve any running but it does use skill. Lung capacity is the main focus in the sport. However, that’s not all the skill you need. There is teamwork involved and a skill for eyeballing a gram makes all difference. This game brings out the competitive nature in the 420 culture.

Many players have been smoking all their life, now they have the chance to put their skills up against another makes for loads action. We give the community that opportunity with 420Football! The first official league smoking sport! 

Over the years of creation 420Football several new concepts and inventions were introduced to the industry by the 420FL such as “LEAGUE CERTIFICATION!”

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