420 Football

The world’s first smoking sport is looking for the best “Tokers” in the world! See world class Tokers like “Shesowaxy, RobbieRosin, Blue Dream, Ken420 and others go head to head! Get your teams together and play against the best teams in the world like the “420Nurses”.

420Football was created to bring the community together in a fun safe way. The rules are simple and the games are fun. There are NO ROOKIES allowed to play. Meaning if it’s your first time toking or smoking, then this sport isn’t for you. This sport was designed to find the best “Tokers” in the world. Do you have what it takes to be the best? Can you hold in a hit? Can you eyeball a gram? Those are the 2 skills that you must have to be the best.

Get your team together now. We will be holding tournaments in California and Nevada.

Join the LEAGUE as a player and enjoy the following:

1. Smoke for free at all 420FL tournaments.

2. Wholesale price on all 420FL products.

3. Player Page: 420FL.com/yourname

4. Player email @420fl.com

5. Official Trading cards




KEN 420